Joe Rhinewine releases EP alongside streaming single ‘In The Box (Put It)’

A blues-rock specialist with a half-sung half-spoken vocal reminiscent of Bob Dylan and Mark Knofler, Joe Rhinewine is an independent musician in every sense. Fully self-funded, produced and released, his music also sets him apart from many independent musicians you can find online.

Flowing freely like a constant stream of consciousness, new streaming track ‘In the Box (Put It)’ is a fine example of his style. The lyrics are improvised, making for a lot of unusual, unplanned twists and turns. Meanwhile, the music noodles along with a decent pace and some excellent roots guitar flourishes.

‘In the Box (Put It)’ is only the tip of the iceberg though. The full EP from which it’s taken is out now on Amazon, titled ‘Songs from NowHere’. So if you are looking for a release which is a long way from the beaten path, this might be what takes you there.

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