New rock single from Sarah Borges – Caught By The Rain

Folk based Rock and Roll with a powerful female lead vocal, the new single from Sarah Borges is out now. ‘Caught By The Rain’, the first single from an album which is on the way soon, is an excellent opening shot from the singer-songwriter.

With crunchy guitars and a solid, mid-tempo rhythm that remains upbeat, the song has a particularly rugged feel to it. Too often, studio recordings can sound superficial, without depth, particularly when it comes to rock music. It’s touch to translate that live feel and energy into the studio.

However, this particular rock track does a great job of offering that depth so often missing. Maybe it’s in the mixing, which is just on the right side of pristine. All the parts are well played and captured, but don’t feel like they’ve been filtered, played with or added to. The song feels like it’s porting a live, country laced rock track into your speakers.

Get “Caught By The Rain” here:
Google Play:

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