Free Download & Lyric video: ‘Orpheus’ by Baron Goodlove & The Dreadful Noise

Sometimes music revels in volume, impact and slapping you right between the eyes, particularly when it comes to indie rock. Sometimes however, it’s all about subtlety. Such is the case for this new free download from new South East based songwriter Baron Goodlove.

A songwriter whose stage persona takes inspiration from Victorian fashion, it’s immediately clear when you do a bit of reading up that this isn’t the kind of artist who comes along every day. A lot of thought goes into creating a ‘character’ in the music industry, and it’s not a decision to be taken lightly.

In the case of Baron Goodlove, you get the feeling that this persona is not only a natural extension of the songwriter himself, but also a vehicle which inspires is dark, meaningful lyric writing.

Mellow but by no means lacking in impact, ‘Orpheus’ is a really good introduction to this new character, and one which really whets the appetite for the upcoming EP. Before that comes along though, head over to reverbnation to follow Goodlove and download this track for free.

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