New, third album from Alexander Wolfe – ‘From The Shallows’

A songwriter who bridges the gap between folk, indie, pop and rock, Alexander Wolfe is a versatile songwriter with vocal supporters on both sides of the Atlantic ever since the release of his first album.

Now back with his third, ‘From the Shallows’, he appears to be an artist working with more confidence than ever. Building his tracks up from their guitar and vocal foundations, he’s added more strings to his bow (no pun intended) this time around, increasing the number of instruments across the album to add new colours and textures to his palette.

The most notable additions are the horns, brass, strings and other orchestral touches which really add something extra. There are many good bands out there who revolve around the base of drums, guitar, bass guitar, keys and vocal, and it’s great to hear a songwriter willing to add something more.

‘From the Shallows’ is out now on iTunes and in various other online stores.

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