‘It is what it is’ – new album from Songs For Mr Sloane

Available now from Bandcamp, the new album from Songs For Mr Sloane is fittingly titled ‘It Is What It Is’. The reason its title fits so well is that there are so many different words you could use to describe it – in the end you have to give up. It just is what it is.

And what it is is entertaining. The product of a five piece band who all work on other projects before coming together to blend their creative juices on Songs For Mr Sloane, this is the work of a band who seem to be having fun in the studio. Their blend of genres, including a couple of great, driving, rocking tracks, is superb, with seemingly no idea to left field.

It sounds pretentious to say it’s a mix of ideas that makes something unusual and original, but the strength of it all is its accessibility. It’s easy to make something that nobody has ever heard before, but the trick is making something nobody has heard while keeping it entertaining and familiar. That’s the tightrope that Songs For Mr Sloane do well in walking.

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