Independent single review – Lizzie Jane, ‘I Don’t Think So’ out now

Ordinarily, it takes a lot for a polished pop act to win me over. Most of them sound the same, and it’s this blandness that really prevents them from making an impact.

Every now and then though, I am blindsided by an artist like Lizzie Jane. Fresh and thoughtful in her lyrics, while maintaining a sense of humour sorely lacking in much of this genre, this song is a winner.

Running with the theme of misogyny in the music industry, Lizzie Jane plays with expectations of what it is to be a woman in the music industry. And maybe it will prevent her from breaking through in the mould of obvious inspiration Lily Allen – a similarly strong willed female artist with a similar sound – not breaking through might just be the point.

What Lizzie Jane can do though, in the absence of pressure, fame, and agents trying to fit her into a demographic, is keep making fun music like this.


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