The Lowriders, new EP ‘I Am Soldier’ out now

Based in Essex, The Lowriders are a Brit-rock four piece whose music displays lashings of attitude. Their latest EP, ‘I Am Soldier’, sees them on top form, with song written for the feature film with which it shares a name.

The EP came about after the movie’s director heard The Lowriders’ previous release and recognised in it the loud, full on guitar sound he wanted for his new movie. As a result, these three tracks (‘I Am Soldier’, ‘Big Moustache’ and ‘Sound of Guns’) now find themselves not only on a stand alone EP, but part of a legit British movie starring the excellent Noel Clarke.

The songs themselves hold a compelling mix of balls out distortion and pulled back production, while a fourth track remixing the title song is something of a curio in context. You can hear the EP title track below, and if you like what you hear, you can support The Lowriders’ bid to take over both the music and film industries below.


‘I Am Soldier’ movie inspired EP release Out Now – Click here to buy

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