‘Mister Policeman’ – Funk rock single from Resonance, out now


From the very first chord of this new song from Resonance, it’s clear this is going to be something to enjoy. There’s just something about that diminished chord, followed by the little ascending bass/guitar lick that follows, that reeks of quality and energy. It’s an excellent set up for a strong track, and one that marks Resonance out as an artist worth keeping an eye on.

The momentum, arguably, wanes with the addition of the vocal – which has something about it (hard to put your finger on) which doesn’t sit quite right. Then again, it’s refreshing to hear a pure vocal with no effects or alterations – slightly flawed perhaps, but refreshingly imperfect.

Overall though, this is a funky, fun number which revels in an underused genre – funk is alive and well.

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