Album Review: Poor Things – self titled debut album out April 28th

With a surf-rock indie style that often rides on the coat tails of high frequency guitar lines, Poor Things are a new independent group readying for the release of their debut album through Sarasota Records.

The album is something of a throwback to summer days in the 60s, evocative and atmospheric. Whether it’s the upbeat likes of opener ‘For Edwin Morgan’ and single ‘1998’, or the more chilled (and brilliantly titled) ‘A Drunk Man Considers the Royal Wedding at Kelvingrove Park’, the sound has a slightly blurry edged quality which lends to the hazy day mood.

Totalling 11 tracks of top quality, this is an album that’s well worth a look by fans of new indie music that might otherwise fly under the radar. Further track highlights include the rocked up ‘Yes’, and even the closing track – so often the dumping ground for a band’s pared back goodbye on many LPs – retains the energy levels. ‘Master of Arts’ is a strong mix of rhythms and shifting time signatures. A fun coda to a fun record.

You can get the album from April 28th on Sarasota Records’ Bandcamp.

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